The A&P Plan

"Nearly half of all Americans who file for bankruptcy do so because of medical expenses, according to a new study released jointly by researchers at Harvard Law School and Harvard Medical School this week." Feb. 2005 Save your life's savings and avoid bankruptcy with the The Authorization & Payment Plan...[click here for a PDF version of our pamphlet]

The Authorization & Payment Plan (A&P Plan) was designed to help people through today's healthcare maze and help ensure that they receive the care to which they are entitled while protecting their financial security (wealth management). The plan helps you, or your loved ones, if your insurance company denies treatment, a medication, a hospital stay, access to a specialist, a test or any of the other denials that have become commonplace in today's healthcare system. The A&P Plan will also help you if your medical bills are not paid. Too often people receive bills from hospitals, labs and doctors that should have been paid by their insurance company. Again, in these situations HealthCare Advocates will work on your behalf to remedy the situation. We do this because we feel that your only worry should be getting better, not worrying about denials and bills. And yes, we help people nationwide.

Simply enroll in the plan and if anything happens to you or a loved one during the covered period, we will work to remedy the problem.  If an issue arises outside the covered period, HealthCare Advocates may still work for you, but under the Standard Plan (fee for service).

Problems that occurred prior to the A&P Plan's effective date are handled on a flat fee basis.

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